Jill Kelly, pornstar

Half Swede half Indian, this beauty is nonetheless more American than mom´s apple pie and probably sweeter tasting. She hung up her nurses uniform to seek stardom with her first husband, porn actor Cal Jammer, in "White Shadow".
Now at 26 she has ambitions to direct and produce if she can tear herself away from the acting she loves.
Unmistakably Jill, her tits threaten to burst out of the waistcoat that promises to bare more than just her soul in this exclusive interview in issue 37 of Triple X (see full interview). Her endless legs and blonde hair sparkle nearly as brightly as her talent under the Californian sun as she recounts a track record of 535 films which from the sound of it have been a genuine pleasure to shoot We look forward to more coming soon.
Her slender figure is completely toasted by the Californian sun. Her long blonde hair caresses her back. She adjusts a scanty waistcoat from which a pair of enormous and bulging tits peep out. She is seated opposite me. She crosses her never-ending legs and looks at me, waiting for me to begin the interview. Possibly there is the odd clueless individual who does not know who Jill Kelly is, but there is no doubt that we are before one of porn´s most sparkling and prolific stars in recent years. Her work with the camera has never lost its brilliance, the fantastic expressiveness of her face and that unmistakable Jill voice, together with her sculptural figure, have made her one of the audience´s favourites and one of the indisputable queens of porn today.
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