Monique Covet:
Yes to spontaeous sex

Monique Covet - I had to suck one guy and fondle my best girlfriend

PRIVATE: What is it like working for Private?

MONIQUE COVET: Really good. I've enjoyed myself very much in London shooting Xtreme Desires.

PRIVATE: Do you like fetish?

MONIQUE COVET: Oh, yes! (Categorically says). It's very, very, very exciting. In fact, this is not the first time I see this kind of kinky games. I'm quite used to them. When I was 16 years old I went to a party in a very big house. It was a S/M party. Someone was the domina and the other people had to be submissive. They had to obey her commands, but they didn't have to do anything against their wills. It was incredible. Some guys were fucked from behind and a woman was so horny that she even fucked her dog.

PRIVATE: What were you doing meanwhile?

MONIQUE COVET: Oh! Just watching and telling people what they had to do.

PRIVATE: Didn't you take part?

MONIQUE COVET: No (smiles), that was in another party. There, I had to suck one guy and fondle my best girlfriend. It was O.K.

PRIVATE: Are you bisexual?

MONIQUE COVET: Yes. And I love group sex, as you have probably deduced.

PRIVATE: The first time you had sex, was it with a man or with a woman?

MONIQUE COVET: It was with a boy. I was 13. It was summer time. I was on holiday and I thought to myself: "My God, I'm 13 and I'm still virgin". So I decided to solve this. I left my hotel and looked for an attractive guy. When I found him, we simply fucked. I can't even remember his name or his face.

PRIVATE: About men. What do they have to look like so that you find them handsome?

MONIQUE COVET: I don't really mind. I don't have any preferences.

PRIVATE: Not even about their dick?

MONIQUE COVET: That's the less important thing. The size of the dick doesn't matter at all. The main thing is what they do with it, how they use it

PRIVATE: Whose was the biggest dick you've ever seen?

MONIQUE COVET: I don't know. Maybe Rocco's.

PRIVATE: And the smallest?

MONIQUE COVET: (Laughs) That I remember pretty well. It is not the smallest, but the smallest I've seen in the business. It was a Hungarian boy's. He was starting as an actor, but his dick was so small compared to the others, that we even had some problems to do a DP. He just couldn't.

PRIVATE: Is DP your favorite position?

MONIQUE COVET: No, I like it a lot, as I like anal sex, but what I like most is the doggy position. I feel so much pleasure doing it like this. (Sighs)

PRIVATE: What makes you horny?

MONIQUE COVET: A lot of things, but specially ice. When it is too hot, I let an ice cube wander down around my body, slowly melding. That really excites me.

PRIVATE: And what do you hate most? MONIQUE COVET: Routines. I don't enjoy knowing what is going to happen. I don't want to go home every night and have sex the same way, doing the same things. I like spontaneous sex. When I feel excited I just have to do it.

PRIVATE: And what happens if you are in some public place?

MONIQUE COVET: Nothing at all. If I want to do it, I simply do it. I've done it everywhere in restaurants, in the beach, in a lift, in the street, in a plane.

PRIVATE: In a plane? How was that?

MONIQUE COVET: Well, I was 19. It was in a flight from Hamburg to Budapest. I saw a handsome guy and just let myself go. We went to the toilet and that was it. We had a really good time, so we went out together for some time. Now it's over.

PRIVATE: Tell us one of your sexual fantasies.

MONIQUE COVET: Well, you know, I had a lot of dreams, but they have already come true, like having sex with my boyfriend. Another one that I used to have was seeing me in a studio full of dildos. I took one and started playing with it. Then, some guys came and discovered me in the studio. We were all turned on by the situation and started fucking. I had with a dick in my hands, in my mouth and in my pussy. I felt really good because I didn't need the dildo anymore I had their dicks for me. But this has also come true in the videos.

PRIVATE: Don't you have a dream that hasn't come true?

MONIQUE COVET: I do. I think it's impossible that it happens and that's why just the very thought of it makes me feel so horny.

PRIVATE: What is it?

MONIQUE COVET: Well, I'm in a room with mirrors everywhere. The walls are mirrors, the ceiling is a mirror, wherever I look, I see my reflection. There's no much light, just some candles. I wander across the room and see a body lying. He is dead. I go to him and fuck him. I don't see his face, I don't know who he is, I just feel the corpse. It's thrilling, but nearly unrealizable. Anyway, if I had the chance, I'd do it.

PRIVATE: Maybe some day you can play a fiction in a video based on that fantasy.

MONIQUE COVET: Maybe. Monique smiles and leaves us. She has to be made up for a scene.



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